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Our vision at CREATEd is to foster a stronger education system that is driven by stronger relationships between research and practice and the belief that the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion lead to improved learning opportunities, environments, and outcomes for all.

CREATEd encourages and supports the use of knowledge from research and practice communities as a tool for evidence-informed and equity-centered change within education systems. We achieve this by preparing knowledge brokers to support evidence-informed decision-making, facilitating the creation of a diverse network of knowledge brokers who are committed to educational equity, and providing opportunities for diverse constituencies to connect and partner to co-create evidence-informed and equity-centered resources.

Our Values

  • We conceptualize evidence broadly and recognize the value in all forms of knowledge, and we believe research is an important form of evidence that can play a vital role in generating improved educational outcomes.
  • We recognize substantial barriers to the use of research evidence and that for research to be more useful it must be produced and mobilized in ways that address the needs and interests of key constituencies.
  • We believe that engaging diverse constituencies is crucial for producing and mobilizing research that redresses inequity, leads to a more just education system, and promotes improved educational opportunities and outcomes for all students. 
  • We believe that fostering knowledge exchange among diverse constituencies is paramount to generating research that redresses and reduces inequities and leads to a more just education system. By promoting the sharing of insights and experiences, we aim to enhance educational opportunities and outcomes for all students.
  • We are dedicated to prioritizing inclusion, diversity, and equity in all aspects of our work, including the development of research-based resources. These principles are interconnected, centered around fostering participation (inclusion), incorporating diverse perspectives (diversity), and ultimately advancing fair and equitable educational opportunities and outcomes (equity).

Co-Design Process

CREATEd’s co-design process engages a diverse team of researchers, practitioners, designers and other stakeholders in the creation of research-informed, equity-centered resources. 

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Our year-long fellowship for diverse members of the education community centered around knowledge brokering for educational equity. Fellows will engage in a curriculum that develops capacity in knowledge brokering work, including leading a co-design process.

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CREATEd is facilitating the creation of a diverse network of knowledge brokers who are committed to educational equity and positioned in a range of organizations.

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Support for this work is provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the University of Delaware. The views expressed are those of the author(s) and should not be attributed to the foundation.