Education Knowledge Broker Network

Meet others who are working to improve educational equity and excellence for all students by connecting research, policy, and practice, as knowledge brokers. 

Connect with people who are helping to create a network and build the profession of knowledge brokers

 Learn how you can access the resources of the Network and how you can be connected to this  community for those of us who are knowledge brokers.

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The CREATEd Team has worked with a national set of partners with a shared commitment to leveraging research and other forms of knowledge to create the Education Knowledge Broker Network. 

Knowledge brokers – people who link actors, groups, or communities to facilitate the flow and uptake of research-based information – are found in a wide range of organizations and roles.  These individuals play a critical role for evidence use. However, in the U.S. education system, few opportunities exist for professional learning or knowledge sharing between knowledge brokers, and there is little infrastructure for supporting and organizing their work.  Further, with so many individuals and organizations serving as brokers, it becomes difficult to understand, evaluate, and support the knowledge mobilization roles they play across the system. A network or community of practice can reduce silos, improve collaboration, and build capacity to link research and practice across the system. CREATEd plans to address this need.

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