Education Knowledge Broker Network

Meet others who are working to improve educational equity and excellence for all students by connecting research, policy, and practice, as knowledge brokers. 

Connect with people who are helping to create a network and build the profession of knowledge brokers

 Learn how you can access the resources of the Network and how you can be connected to this  community for those of us who are knowledge brokers.

Be part of the first meeting of the Education Knowledge Broker Network, a professional community connecting research and practice to drive innovation and change in education!

As a dynamic professional community, we are driving positive change in education. While advocating for justice and equity, fostering inclusivity, collaboration, and evidence-based decision-making, the network provides support to knowledge brokers to create opportunities for diverse voices to shape the future of education. 

A knowledge broker is an individual who facilitates the exchange of knowledge among key constituent groups and individuals.  

Look for opportunities to:

  • Be part of a dynamic professional community driving innovation and change in education by connecting research and practice
  • Develop skills in advocating for justice and equity in education, especially for historically disenfranchised communities
  • Create experiences for people of diverse communities to collaborate in the pursuit of a just and equitable education system
  • Promote knowledge brokering as a professional enterprise, ensuring continuous improvement and lasting positive change.
  • Delve into evidence-based education, integrating scientific inquiry with lived experience, practice-based evidence, and community values, to create a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to decision-making
  • Imagine an education system where the unique needs of historically disenfranchised students and communities are the priority

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